The Agony of a Football Fan

February 12, 2014 10:51 AM By

Football has taken over this time of year for many sports fans (including me).  As I watched my team lose a game and listened to the post-game TV commentary, it made me think of how we often react to the stock markets.  Every game provides a roller-coaster of emotions.  Win a game & you're buying Super Bowl tickets.  Lose a game & you want everyone fired or traded. Your legacy is based on 4% of days during a 5 month period, and every week you get a 6-day performance review from self-proclaimed bosses despite the fact they are largely unqualified to do so.  It's even more noticeable because you only get 16 chances per season, as opposed to 82 in basketball or 162 in baseball.

Would you invest this way?  If so, STOP!  Focus on the "season", not the "session".  It's your life, not fantasy football!  Remember, your enemy is RISK, not another person, institution, or index. Try this instead as your new "roster".

  • Owner = You (after all, it's your money);
  • General Manager & Head Coach = Your financial advisor (Get the right people in the right positions with the right strategy);
  • Assistant General Managers = Tax, legal, & other business advisors;
  • Position Coaches = Money managers or mutual fund managers;
  • Players = Individual securities;
    • Offense = Stocks (Appreciation is how you move forwards)
    • Defense = Bonds, Cash, & Insurance (Protect your position as much as possible)
    • Special Teams = Alternative Investments, IPOs, & strategies with higher risk

The "plays" that are called will vary based on the condition of the markets, the economy, as well as your personal situation and preferences.  Most coaches have a sheet with plays for given situations that they've developed ahead of time.  In other words, they know what their choices are before the scenario arises.

Perhaps it's time for you to consider us as your new General Manger.  Visit "Our Website" above to learn more and schedule a phone consultation.